UPS Backup Batteries Make Clean Power Possible
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A surge protector stops current outside the norm, but what happens when you don't have enough power coming down the line. A battery backup is designed to fill these voids, and power your equipment properly. What is a Battery Backup
The Public Utility Commission says that an average of 120 disruptions to your electrical supply happen each year. Each of these instances puts a stress on any electrical equipment that is connected. Should a power blip takes place while your hard drive is writing information, it can lead to your electronics, data, operating system, and more being lost in an instant. A battery backup eliminates these blips from the power supply by filling in the gaps, and eliminating the peaks of power. The resulting perfect power, is ideal for your electronics, and is a standard in many industries and applications.
How a battery Backup Works
Why a Battery Backup instead of a Surge Protector
UL Approved AGM Batteries can be Indoors
Lags, Sags, Spikes, and Transients; Electrical Disruptions Defined

Typical Applications for Battery Backup Systems
Consumer electronics use battery backups. I bet you have over a dozen battery backup systems in your home...
Consumer Electronics with Battery Backups
Computers and Medical Equipment NEED Battery Backups
An Off Grid Home is an Example of a very Large Battery Backup System
Cell Phone Towers all Have Battery Backup Systems

UPS deep cycle batteries and parts Selecting Battery Backup Parts, and Doing it Yourself
Alright, so you know you need a battery backup. In addition, you know you use power. This section should help you close the gap between the first and last step of the process.
Checklist to DIY UPS Systems
DIY, Upgrade an Old UPS with More Battery Power
DIY, Size and Build a UPS with Adequate Battery Power for You!

Electricity is dangerous because it is powerful. The same power when used properly to run a motor all day, make your dinner, or turn on the television, is more than adequate to disrupt the functions that keep you alive in that body. When sanity, knowledge, and safe practices are applied in the usage of electricity, it is AMAZINGLY SAFE! However, there are a number of folks who died because they didn't know, and did something that made them THE CIRCUIT, cooking them instantly. There is a reason the electic chair is used to put people to death --> it works. Don't run electricity through yourself ever. Learn how to avoid it. Turn off circuits you are working on. Back up before you turn it on. Use fuses and breakers. Follow all Codes. And PLEASE, BE SAFE!