UPS Backup Batteries Make Clean Power Possible
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Location: A UPS is Emergency Power

UPS Battery Back Up Systems Provide Power during Catastrophe

A UPS is Part of Your Catastrophe Planning The American Power Supply grid is decades old, with little investmest in much of the system. Frankly put, the PUC, or public utility commission, by taking jurisdiction, provides little to no incentive for investment in said infrastructure, nor are you allowed to own what you build.

Would you invest in something where you build it so somebody else owns it?
Power companies tend not to either...

As such, the power grid in the United States is becoming more and more heavily used as the population, and the per capita electricity consumption both grow at exponential rates. The result of this dual expansion is a power grid that runs at a very high through put, without much buffer to absorb natural disasters, periods of high usage, or mechanical failures in the system. Each has dire, and epic consequences for those who have learned to depend on a system not robust enough to provide during their time of need.

The following three stories are just a taste of what real people have had to endure. These are real situations that HAVE happened. These folks didn't ask for this to happen to them, nor did they deserve it. But it did happen, and you can either learn the lessons from it, or wait and learn them the hard way.
- Dallas Fort Worth Light Show: Transformers explode for several minutes across a city from a lightning strike.
- Vermont to Maryland is deluged by back to back, Hurricanes Irene and Lee. Subsequent flooding Devastates.
- San Diego Blackout: 1.5+ million people in a heatwave.

In each of these situations, there are many folks who just went about their business, after flipping a switch. If their property avoided the floods, winds, and initial destruction, they just returned to normal. As others suffer without the services from the utility company, solar panels, wind generators, batteries, generators, and inverters keep their homes and businesses operating normally.

Will you be joining these folks in peace of mind until, and relatively normal operation during the next catastrophe?
The first step is building a medium to home sized battery backup system.