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Location: - Hurricanes = No Power

Back to Back Hurricanes knock out Power to Millions

Northwest Continues to Flood - Hurricane Irene now Lee

Relentless rains and flooding from Maryland through Vermont, the work of concurrent hurricanes, send major rivers over their banks knocking out everything in their path. Pennsylvania's Governor even had to evacuate as the waters, full of sewage, debris, and other flood detritus flow over communities as if they were river basin. Every bridge in Binghamton, New York is closed due to flood water. FEMA may not be able to provide assistance for weeks, the power is out, and gas service is too. Utilities are shut down for the public's protection, as well as the system.

About 100,000 told to flee Northeast flooding The flooding of the Susquehanna River is the worst in nearly 40 years MSNBC Video.
Not everyone in the region lives in these flood plains.
But these flood waters will effect the services those dry homes depend upon.
Is your home one of the few on dry land in the northeast?

If you are lucky enough to still have a dry home in this region, you face other issues. You may not have natural gas service, or electrical service either. This is where the knowledge about your power consumption, how to provide for yourself, and having the equipment installed already is priceless. Those with generators, wind generators, solar panels, and propane tanks for these types of situations just flipped a switch. Their food is fresh, their homes lit, and comfortably heated or cooled. Their alarm clocks got them up for work on time, and they took a hot shower to boot.

You are perfectly able to provide these emergency services for yourself, having integrated them into your daily life to safe money during normal operation. These weather events are realities of daily life on planet earth.

Are you ready for the next time?
Will your family be comfortable, fed, and with sound food supply?
Will your computer and television connect you to the information you so desparetely want at that moment?
Will your phone and laptop have a power supply?