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Location: - Light show = Power Outage

Lightning Strikes a Substation, Many Explosions and Power Outage Follow

Fort Worth Texas experienced an incredible light show on the night of May 11, 2011. Some called them fireballs. Others thought they were fireworks. Pretty blue, red, yellow and white flashes of light that lit up the sky for miles. This YouTube Video shows what words just do not do justice to...

As the incident report elaborately illustrates, this is the result of one or a few lightning strikes. Simply put, one bolt of lightning hit the substation, which not only blew out the transformers on that site, but also sent a spike of power down each line connected. Without the benefit of circuit breakers to stop the power, in the middle of the circuit to arrest the power surge, the power went down the lines to each of the transformers located above customer's properties. Basically eacy step down transformer providing power to individual customers was also exposed to the power spike, and many burned as a result. The fireworks display in this video is then the result of different types of transformers exploding, short circuiting various metals at various voltages, and fires, all geographically separated by wires.

burn color depends upon chemical metal composition
Metals Burn Based
on Composition

lead burning produces a white color

copper sulfate burning produces a blue color
Copper Sulfates
Atomic Chart Symbol -
Element or Compound
Color Sprectum
in Flame
As - Arsenic Blue
B - Boron Bright green
Ba - Barium Pale/Apple green
Ca - Calcium Brick red
Cs - Caesium Blue-Violet
Cu(I) - Copper(I) Blue
Cu(II) - Copper(II) (non-halide) Green
Cu(II) - Copper(II) (halide) Blue-green
Fe - Iron Gold
In - Indium Blue
K - Potassium Violet
Li - Lithium Crimson
Mn - (II) Manganese (II) Yellowish green
Mg - Magnesium No colour
Mo - Molybdenum Yellowish green
Na - Sodium Intense yellow
P - Phosphorus Pale bluish green
Pb - Lead Blue/White
Rb - Rubidium Red-violet
Sb - Antimony Pale green
Se - Selenium Azure blue
Sr - Strontium Red
Te - Tellurium Pale green
Tl - Thallium Pure green
Zn - Zinc Bluish green
reference gas flame
No Metal in Flame

copper burning produces a green color

lithium salts luminesce a pink hue

True, only about 5,000 homes and businesses were reported out that evening. But that is roughly 15,000 folks. Each of these homes had no A/C on a 90° night, cold showers, faced the prospect of a rotting food supply, and had no ability to cook the prepared food that was defrosting. There was no microwave any more. These issues were never even contemplated, by many, prior.

Now is your chance. When this type of calamity comes to your neighborhood, will you be ready?
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Will your computer and television connect you to the information you so desparetely want at that moment?
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